Simple WebCron support for PHP Server Monitor

Needing to monitor the status of a Webserver for multiple users without much of a hassle I installed the PHP Server Monitor¬†on my shared hosting solution and set it up to monitor the status of the webpage. Without the ability to to set up a cronjob, however, the status updates would still need to be done manually on the server monitor page, rendering the whole project useless. The standard script to update server status can only be run from commandline, so i made a few modifications to be able to run it using a simple webcron service ( Continue reading “Simple WebCron support for PHP Server Monitor”

Display Github Commits in WordPress

When setting up the infrastructure for a project of mine (dianeXu) i tried to incorporate the project repository’s commit atom feed into the project’s WordPress blog.
Sadly the standard RSS widget doesn’t support github’s SSL feeds, so making the feed work with WordPress wasn’t as trivial as it seemed. After some digging and trying a bunch of plugins I stumbled upon this blogpost by Gabriele Romanato (thanks a lot!), explaining how to manually include github’s personal activity feed into WordPress.
Since the commit feed is structured just a little bit different i reworked Gabriele’s code a bit to insert it into a PHP sidebar widget: Continue reading “Display Github Commits in WordPress”

Clinical Pathways in Medi Control Framework (ger)

My diploma thesis about managing healthcare processes with IT solutions (available in german language only).

Clinical Pathways in Medi Control Framework (ger, thesis only link)

Clinical Pathways in Medi Control Framework (ger, complete package including scripts and supplements)

Simple Region Growing in DICOM-images

Example of Region Growing in Mamma-CT

During a lecture on the basics of medical imaging some time ago I, together with a classmate, wrote a simple script for ImageJ (An image editor and processor implemented in Java) that achieves a HU-threshold based segmentation of a chosen region.

Continue reading “Simple Region Growing in DICOM-images”